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#au where louis’ the mean kid in harry’s class #who makes fun of him all the time and is a general nuisance #and when they go on their class trip and harry wears this hat #because it’s fUNNY OK #louis tears it off his head and calls him an idiot for it #says it’s the stupidest thing he’s ever seen #and harry’s not gonna cry ok no he is not #so he just wrestles it back and tells louis to piss off #and later that day when it actually starts raining #the other students have to pull out their big umbrellas or duck under terraces #but harry’s set #and louis on the other hand is completely drenched and whining about it like a baby #so harry taps him on the shoulder #hands him the hat #and goes “not so stupid now, huh?” #with this smug ass smirk on his lips #and that’s the moment louis tomlinson is well and truly fucked #because shit #his crush on the biggest loser on the planet is suddenly so very clear to him #and he’s been treating him like dirt for ages #and when he looks back over his shoulder #dumb umbrella hat still in his hands #harry’s sharing with liam and chatting happily with dimples and giggles #and when he catches louis’ eye for moment #louis just puts the hat on and sends him his best cheeky grin #and is surprised to get an identical one in return #and that’s how it starts

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i think this is my favourite gif of harry like ever

I cant brea the

au where harry is at an open mic night with his band and he’s telling this really funny backstory of one of his songs and then he sees this really beautiful boy at the corner of of his eye and stops mid story to look at the really fit bartender who is leaning against the pillar with a smile on his face before realising that harry is looking at him and he suddenly blushes but can’t look away the silence hangs in the air for a while before someone tells him to “Get on with the fucking song” and harry says that he’ll “only start when he gets the name of the really fit boy working at the bar” so the guy squints up in amusement before opening his mouth laughing “it’s louis” and harry smiles and says “this one is for blue eyes” and begins the song.



"Welcome home" - 2/2


We. Are. One.


"There is no them, there is no them, there’s only us, there’s only us."


Here’s a bit of what’s coming next!
Look at their tattoos..❤


"Welcome home" -1/2

If I Was Your Vampire

A Harmony of Frost and Flames


Tied up Harry

Tied up Louis X


Larry Doodle #7 - Boys in panties apparently does it for me

Tied up Louis