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You should write Harry riding Louis ok bye



saddle up (h/l, nc-17, 2.5k)

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Cherry, grape, lemon, lime, lick it slow. Take your time. Strawberry. Kiwi. Peach. Tongues tied. Slur your speech.

patrón on ice

Harry is the president of Sigma Epsilon and he may be just a little possessive over his boyfriend, Louis.

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petition for a new tag for when louis and harry lookalike #youarewhatyoueat



touch me (you're my fantasy)

Rating: Explicit 

Words: 6,697

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Louis goes off on business again and Harry hates being without him.

or the one where Harry misses Louis a lot & sends him racy pictures, which prompts Louis to call him and it leads to hot phone sex. Exactly what Harry wanted.

two as one, for all the nights we missed

little bit of spanking for your feed

Be My Daddy

Rating: Explicit 

Words: 3,947

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Anne works for Mr. Tomlinson and Harry just happens to come by the office and they just happen to meet



spanking is my LIFE and a sad anon asked me for spanking recs a week ago and i’m sorry it took so long. so spanking is often used as, like, a device in d/s, so in most of these fics the spanking is just a part of a bigger Scene, but a VERY IMPORTANT PART ‘KAY. are you ready for this?

♛ 23 ass jigglin’ recs ♛

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67/? + I’ve got a fistful of your hair, but you don’t look like you’re scared


My anaconda don’t
My anaconda don’t
My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.

help me win this contest please!



hey guys i know this is really annoying but please help me win this contest for my show in tampa.

if i win i swear i will write a however long fic with any kinks or anything that you guys want. i will write personal ficlets even to whoever wants just please please please try to help me win! -Maria

i will literally follow everyone who reblogs this and i will honestly write everyone who votes a fan fiction of their choosing if i win. honestly if i win this i will suck your ass if you want. please just click on the link or reblog!! -maria

What’s all this stuff on tumblr about Sam Pepper?


Want to fill yourself in? 

Here are a few of his videos:

Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank 
(where he goes around grabbing women’s asses without any consent, where they are clearly unhappy with it. [Posted Sept. 20, 2014])

How to Make Out with Strangers | Sam Pepper 
(Arguably forcing girls to make out with him on camera. [Posted June. 27, 2013])

How to get a Girlfriend EASY 
(HANDCUFFS himself to female strangers - the girl at 2:20 is AMAZING. [Posted Jan. 8, 2014])

How to Pick Up Girls With A Lasso
(wraps a rope around women and makes them make out with him or give him their phone number before letting them go. [Posted June. 22, 2014])

In several cases, he restrains women and makes them make out with him before he lets go.

This isn’t a one time thing. A number of his “pranks” are taking advantage of and demeaning women.

I am so REPULSED from watching these videos.

He has 2,401,650 subscribers on youtube. It’s disgusting that that number of people think this is okay.

Endless Love

Sequel to The Hockey Player and The ballerina

Warnings: Mentions of Infertility and Abortion

Word count: 8K

Summary: Louis is a liar and Harry leaves when things get hard.

Louis decides to learn to tell the truth and not hide secrets.

Harry decides to stop leaving when things get hard.

But when Louis and Harry find out something Louis lost and could no longer have anymore Harry becomes distant.

Louis blames it on himself but it’s not what he thinks it is.

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HL 3, stripper au: Adorable Harry works at the local bakery where Louis comes in sometimes & one night while attending a bachelor party for one of his friends at a gay strip club, Louis sees Cutie Harry poledancing/stripping onstage! stuff ensues?



(theres smut in this one obvs. just rutting and coming in pants though. and lots of hair kink WILD)

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