Another little one, and I know it’s nothing special but I think it turned out cute, so I thought I’d share it with youuuu. :) x

There's A Place Off Ocean Avenue - mikky - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

Set during Jan 2014 that week where Harry and Louis were MIA together and then we heard Louis in one of 5sos’ keeks.

Louis visits Harry in LA at his beach house and they fuck.


I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky


“I’ve been with my fiancé for just over two years now and I wouldn’t change him for anything or anyone. I know he’s proud of me for standing up for my cause and I’m so proud of him for having the strength to stand by me when people like you threaten the cause I’m working so hard towards. So what the faggot has to say on this is you can leave our reign if you want but I’d rather you left us than you ever made me feel like I should leave my Louis.”

Or the one where everythings coming together and Harry isn’t willing to give Louis up for anything, Louis knows how to handle it, Liam finally thanks Louis for everything, Zayn gets everything he’s ever wanted and Niall’s going to be a father.

Sequel to - Turn and face the strange


I will soon forget the colour of your eyes (and you'll forget mine)


“What would I do without you?”

Louis shrugs. “Probably drown.”

Harry laughs before he’s pulling him to himself, leaning down for another kiss. “You’re probably right.”

“I always am.”

Or the one where Harry’s a swimming prodigy on the track to the Olympics, but can’t seem to do much else without his boyfriend.


Yours, Mine, and Ours


Louis comes back from the shops and he and Harry have kitchen sex.


harry/louis lookalike porn


 lookalike, soundalike and the bottom even mentions the tops curls  ~ kimberly 


Home Wrecker


There’s something written on the wall, and he can just barely focus on it with the guy on his knees and his lips around his dick but he can read it: “WATCH OUT FOR THE HOMEWRECKER,” written in black sharpie. Harry looks down for a moment and wonders if this is the boy the person was talking about


Staying in my play pretend, need someone to numb the pain.

Could Go Anywhere (And Only For Tonight)


Louis stops at a door and pulls out a keycard from his back pocket, swiping it against the lock and pushing inside. Harry breathes out a sigh of relief and nearly trips on his feet in his haste to get in, making Louis laugh out loud.

“Oh, you’re a clumsy one aren’t you?” Louis says, voice half-teasing and half-condescending, and Harry is glad the lights are still off because he’s pretty sure he’s blushing right now.

(harry and louis meet in a club. they fuck.)



Tonight let’s get some :)


i shouldn’t be allowed to be up this late. this is what happens when i am. oh boy. 



Pull Me Under by zarah5 | 140k | explicit

don’t have to go to the pool by stigmata | 12k | not rated

The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) by LoadedGunn | <122k | explicit

Be My Little Good Luck Charm by 100percentsassy | <35k | explicit


Some Larry and Grouis sketches
(have tons of them O_O)


top 5 holiday fics! (lovely edit made by her, for long list click here!)

this is the first day of my life

Four meetings with Harry Styles, in four different lifetimes, on four of Louis Tomlinson’s twenty-second birthdays. One day fate will get it right. She swears.

snowed under

Louis picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve.

every time i run, i keep on falling on you

After being best friends for 8 years, Harry moves to LA. It takes the keen observations of all of Louis’ friends to realise the one thing he really wants for Christmas is Harry.

so put your hands in (the holes of my sweater)

Harry and Louis go on a lot of not-dates.

have yourself a merry little christmas

Louis and Harry are married with two kids and another on the way. They celebrate Christmas as a family.