Okay guys, are you excited?! If writers are running out of ideas, HERE YOU GO.

Also, only a few days left to self submit because come the new year, only rec’d fics allowed!

(and don’t use this as an invitation to suddenly flood the ask with new prompts. I’m not in the mood tonight and will either immediately delete them, or let them sit for weeks).

omg zourry daddy!kink makes me so fucking horny. i need some underage!harry where lou rims him, and then has harry ride him on the living room couch while zayn, lou’s husband, has a finger inside of harry as well and then it’s zayn’s turn to fuck harry and they are all so loving and while zayn fucks harry louis is filming it and taking pictures for when harry is away and they need to get off to him. ag;lkja; i can’t anymore.

can someone please write a rimming/fingering 69 that’s all i want for christmas yes this is a prompt

Lou or harry goes to the spa and the other is their massue and get carried away. (;


can someone please write smut where louis is new at school and he’s openly gay and harry bullied him for it but he’s secretly gay too and in love with louis and they get seated in a class together and harry like rubs his hand on louis’ leg and puts his hand in his pants and gives him a handjob in class then they go in the bathroom and they go in the stall and fuck??? OH MY GOD PLEASE

Prompt: 12 days of kinksmas, Louis and Harry try out different kinks each day as each others Christmas present.

imagine a fic where louis is a punk and harry is a hybrid. like lou’s mum gets him a cat which is harry and he doesn’t really like cats but harry just grows on him. with everyone else, louis is some badass but then he comes home to harry and he’s all sweet and fluffy with him and smutty and just perfect and they love each other and asdfghjkl;

someone should write one where harry is freaking out about ‘the end of the world’ and then they have end of the world sex

A Songfic based prompt for the song I Would by 1d in which Harry is in love with Louis but he has a boyfriend Zayn(i cant compete with your boyfriend hes got 27 tattoos) But Harry and Louis start talking and kissing even though Louis feels bad. Then Zayn starts getting suspicious and promises to kill anyone messing with Louis. You can decide what happens in the end but i would really love Harry seducing Louis maybe not so suddle crotch gropes or real

i can barely find any like this but could you do one where harry or louis get caught masturbating while saying the others name and they end up having mutual feelings and it just continues with begging and then it gets all fluffy at the end? thank you if you do :)

Can I send a prompt? Where Harry and Lou are in Highschool and they broke up because one of them didn’t want to come out and one of them were listening to thinking bout you by frank ocean and without thinking they went over to his house and told him and they get back together and you know (; && they come out to their school!

Harry and Lou are secretly dating; no soul but them and the rest of the band know yet. While they travel, Louis sneaks into Harry’s hotel room every night to read smut that we post on tumblr before they have some fun on their own and live out our writings

 "can u like do a fic where louis keeps saying that he’s not into cock and he’s not gay but then harry rapes him "RAPE" so fucking hard make him cum 4 times till its too much and louis can’t take it anymore he keeps crying but harry doesnt care cause he’s raping him and harry keeps telling louis that he likes cock and he should stop denying it while pounding into him. lots of dirty talk ok! ignore me i’m so fucking weir please

Someone should write one where harry sees the pictures of Louis from Leeds 09 (with the ‘spank me’ stickers) and gets all turned on and then boNDAGE AND SPANKING AND OMG

can please someone write Larry fanfic about thi photo! please. omg i need it! (xxx) 

Oh god, like what if someone was to write llike where Harry and Louis were fucking and the boys came over not knowing and like they go and stand in the doorway and Niall starts wanking and like then they boys notice them and they somehow end up all fucking like jeez I’m gonna die….

prompt: loosely based on ‘i knew you were trouble’ Harry is the notorious bad boy at school and Louis isn’t a ‘nerd’ per say but he is less popular among the student body, when Louis first sees Harry he falls a little in love and Harry loves Louis’ innocence and wants to corrupt him, after months of hot sex Harry dumps Louis for some new arm candy because he got bored, but when Louis is spotted around school with someone new, Harry finds himself falling in love… also kinky sex please ;) xx

 was wondering if you could write one where Harry’s a toddler, and Louis is a single father. Harry found an old package of his diapers and decided to put one on. He thinks it’s funny so he goes up to Louis and Louis gets unexpectedly turned on and..well the rest is history ;) I am honestly positive they have a place reserved for me in hell. Anyway , THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH (: I love your account soo much ! Xx

Harry and Louis get together. Then Louis wants a kid, and Harry will do anything for Louis, so they ask Lou (hair stylist) to be a surrogate mother. (I don’t care with who’s sperm.) And then Lux is born! That’s why Lux is on tour all the time, and why we seem them the most with Louis and Harry. Just an idea. :)

Prompt! So could i have like some smut where Harry and louis are seeing how many times they can cum in one night!!!!! (Bonus points for rimming and orgasm denial becuse the other boy dont want him to cum) and tons of overstim.

can somebody do one that has to do with the pic of Louis tied up because I’m a freak and it just seems like it would be really hot BONUS POINTS if overstimulation is added. If you don’t know what picture I’m talking about just look in your lookalikes ;)

Could you do a long one where Harry and Louis are brothers but they realise they have strong feelings for each other and smutty smut-smut follows ;)

Prompt: Louis is a selfharmer and you can decide the story that leads up to it but they are teenagers in harry’s room and Lou totally breaks down crying and then they’re both really emotional and kissing eachother passionately and Harry places tiny kisses onto Louis’s scars! Xx

I don’t really know how to do this, but I have a suggestion for a smut someone should make?.. I’ll just say it.. If I’m doing this wrong message me back and I’ll do it right. So.. A incest smut (totally going to hell for this) that goes with the lyrics 1961 by The Fray.. It’s kindof ridiculously releavent to incest, and it’s not even meant to be.. Okay thanks?

Prompt: Louis finally understands what Harry has felt all this time. Elouner and Taylor. Two beards two boyfriends one secret. Is fame worth hiding their love and pretending and lying all about it? Angry sex then crying/comfort fluff after. Maybe Harry can try to leave because management wants him to go to Taylors hotel room before morning but Louis begs and pulls Harry back in.

can anyone made a one shot where harry or lou have the fantasy of sleep with the other dick inside him, some way entangled or put in together with ropes and they wake up hard and have intense sex pls? thank u so much i love your tumblr! xx

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